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Almos Agricultural Production

We produce a variety of field crops in a professional and focussed manner to satisfy the steadily increasing demand for food around the world:

  • Own farming operations with seed-growing facilities in Romania
  • Supply and financing of agricultural consumer goods
  • Marketing of the products grown
  • Trade of agricultural technology and maintenance of machinery and equipment
  • Business management consultancy services

The agricultural production in Romania started in 2006, and has been permanently expanding ever since. For us, it has become another strong-going and profitable branch of our business.

Founded in 1989, the enterprise Almos at first operated mainly in Central Europe. Meanwhile, the operational territory has been continually expanding into larger areas of Europe.
The business is developing most favourably now regarding quantities as well as value.

We want to continue developing . . .                           
               . . . together with you as a business partner
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