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Group Almos

Almos was founded in 1989 and was engaged in the international trade of cereals, oilseeds, feeding stuffs and vegetable oils.

Due to personal, organizational and commercial policy reasons, family Mosel decided to change the structure of the Almos group company.

The trading business with Grain, Oilseeds and Single Feed Stuff will be quit by December 31st 2019. All existing contracts will be executed within the contractual terms and conditions.

In the future, the Almos Holding will focus on agriculture production in Romania.
The farming covers agriculture crop land with the size of around 3,750 ha as well as full equipped storage capacity including integration activity.

An enterprise of the Mosel-Family
social dependable resource-conscious
near Regensburg
Almos Alfons Mosel Handels GmbH


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